I fall into the end. Vacancy in stillborn night. Don’t try to shape this. Flick a switch, not a thing, just the sound of switch flicking, me breathing, earth turning. Poi s’ascose nel foco che gli affina quando fiam uti chelidon. All to do. Where to start. How about here. Gather round. Fire kicks, crackles, kicks. Listen close. Once upon a time. Again and again. In the end it was enough.

I wonder if this could be me. Seeping, sinewy afterbirth of dream. Marigolds across the heart. Alluvium. Alleviate. All of this. Escher has too much on me. Sip wine, make love by the flicker of candle light. Camp fire light. This is the story. Howls behind me, upon me. Howls scowls, helter skelter. Into the distance recede like the sun into its nocturnal cavern. Oblivion lovechild. Smile shapes ark up rainbow after rain mist in my head. Whose earth is this I hold in my hand?

A heart. Gold, fragmented, adjoined, sojourned, gazing, bursting, loving, hurt, one more, one more, breaking, melding. To the spirit of a waking dream’s concerto. Coda brings what. She moves across stargazers unbreaking unbending unfolding into the open arms of Amaterasu. Cradle broken child. Conjoin. Make us shine in the night. All embrace. All in grace.

March along with the gilded days together with the glory of ghosts behind you. Echoes of heroes and harlots dance in the whispers of mortality. Your silhouette upon the back wall bleeds formless. Shadow smudge. Rorschach. I once was this was that now not. My god my dream my heart. Gleaming trinity upon mountain peaks. Peak of the night it comes again. A shadow sweeping across aurora light.


About grasshopperstothemoon

“Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”
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