The Rights of Resistance.

I thought I should clarify something in regards to the post which proceeded this one.

I do not mean to imply that I support insubordination or rebellion. Nor do I promote obduracy. I in fact believe in the tenants of established order, in acquiescence to circumstance, and in the power of authority. I believe granting due respect to those who are wise and admirable; I believe wise words should be considered and followed. I believe in the power of criticism to bring to light voids, inconsistencies, or observations. I believe that which moves into a territory of destructive or disruptive principle should be intervened upon with non-destructive means.

What I champion is enlightenment, thoughtfulness; reason. That is, any resistance must be informed, conscious, honest resistance. Opposition, hostile or otherwise, without logic or reason—that is, opposition on selfish, stubborn, sentimental principle alone—has no ground for validation. It is opaque and juvenile and stands as the bane of a mindful society. Not a soul is to be taken seriously when unable to take serious with consideration her own being. One cannot acquire and maintain the individual confidence we all seek without an openness to critique from others. But this openness must be wholly open, with humility but never mind-less subservience. The Self must be sure yet accommodating; never intransigent.

More lightly: Sometimes if enough people say enough times that you’re a cat, you might just be a cat. If you wish not to be cat than you may either refute those who call you a cat and go on declaring (believing) that you are not such, all-the-while remaining a cat to your own blinded, naive satisfaction. Or you can consider these claims, think deeply on them, accept them, and seek to change your nature as a cat. Seeking to change that who you are but don’t want to be forces one into deep meditation on those things we so freely disguise, thereby bringing about a better understanding of our Selves and the contexts in which our Selves subsist, thereby transforming character by the very action of seeing that character. A reflecting, maturing being in this way is worthy of respect and thereby earns the rights of resistance.


About grasshopperstothemoon

“Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.”
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